Going ROWE: The Kick Off Session

As promised as a follow on from last week, this post is the next part of my interview with Michael Barata – covering the next step of our ROWE migration – The Kick Off Session: (The name of the session is pretty self explanatory so no need for a long build up….)

“The Kick Off session went really well. The team was excited and upbeat – intrigued to see what lay ahead. We had done good preparation in purchasing a few copies of the book, which were shared with the team to be read beforehand. The intro from Cali & Jody was very useful to set the mood and the session started well. We had good discussion around trust as we progressed and then came the game. The team had warmed up well by this point and the game got people really thinking about internalized beliefs as well as the obvious verbalized thoughts on what is and isn’t acceptable and why.

We had a good session on the first 2 impediments (Beliefs & Time) and then energized, but hungry, we broke for lunch – not because it was lunch time but because we were all hungry!

After lunch we rejoined to investigate Judgment – the final impediment. This was a short but philosophically interesting piece that we all knew we would investigate in more detail next week.

Moving on to the “13 ROWE Guideposts,” the atmosphere was one more of caution and concern. Everyone reacted differently to different guideposts, but all found it very useful – if sometimes scary! We ended up spending a lot of time discussing the guideposts, which we decided to roll with. Actually, we found this session to be very fruitful. It unearthed worthy fears and anxieties up to this point unsaid, and made each other realize that both manager, senior and more junior people shared similar reactions and concerns. It also got people realizing it was ‘real’ and that it was not just an exercise for the latest program….it was in one consultants words ‘life changing.’

We finished the KickOff session with a healthy Q&A on all the topics covered and a summary as to the next steps. Once back at our desks the mood had seriously changed, but the old life resumed…for now…”

Next post…The Sludge Session – aimed to eliminate the toxic language around presenteeism and  time, called “sludge”, which exists in our workplaces

Also, as always, if there is anything in the posts you wish to know more about please feel free to leave a Q.


About Rob Fanshawe

Currently MD, Asia for Xpand Group, living in Singapore with his wife and dog (golden retriever), his passion in life is simple, “people”. He loves everything to do with meeting and understanding them to helping them and businesses realise their potential through the resulting positive connections.

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