A simple experiment on human psychology and online behaviour

I have read a lot (and thought a lot) about human psychology and how it relates to online behaviour and then I decided it was time to do a very simple experiment.

The basic premise behind this is little experiment offline is: The sub-conscious human mind does not recognise the word ‘not’. ‘Not’ is a construct of language, not of the mind. In fact to get to ‘Not’ something, the mind always has to think of the something first i.e. “do not think of a red car”. Now all of you without exception have had to think of a red car to be able to then try to not think about it. Now, if someone verbally tells you something ‘not’ to do, there is not a lot you can do about it (without putting your fingers in your ears and shouting lah lah lah every time someone comes up to you to talk! PS: this is ill-advised if you want to get on in life) but from a messaging perspective this does not have a lot of ‘reach’. However, as an individual using social media, would it have the same effect? Would people you trust/know from a social media perspective not recognise the word ‘not’ to the extent that thinking about the actin would cause them to do it? And because it’s a forbidden but a safe action/source, and intriguing, do the action anyway. Or do people not trust online actions and therefore any hint of a do not do something means although they think about doing it, there is too much fear in what doing it would cause as an outcome.

So there you have it…and you did 🙂

I will measure the traffic and compare that against my number of Twitter users and also my usual spike when i post a blog to see the differences and whether ‘not’ and intrigue are useful online tools. Not rocket science and not ground breaking I know but something I wanted to see for myself…

Thank you for your contribution! And now you’re here, please have a look around at more of my articles on this blog, comment, subscribe and hopefully enjoy!


About Rob Fanshawe

Currently MD, Asia for Xpand Group, living in Singapore with his wife and dog (golden retriever), his passion in life is simple, “people”. He loves everything to do with meeting and understanding them to helping them and businesses realise their potential through the resulting positive connections.

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