Archive | May, 2011

Exit Interviews – how to make it a valuable Talent process?

I was recently interviewed by Human Resources Magazine for a feature they are running on exit interviews for their July issue and how I consult in that area. They were looking for advice for readers on what to do during an exit interview and what they can do to make it a better experience for […]

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Social Media vs. Time – is Social Media a horrible distraction?

Is it just me or is Social Media like TV used to be when I was in my teens (I don’t really watch it these days!) – A black hole for time?! This is rhetorical because I will tell you, it isn’t just me. I have asked around countless friends and colleagues and everyone seems […]

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Going ROWE: The Final Step!

This is the final part of the ROWE interview I did, on our final session of the ROWE migration at Xpand. I explained what happened in Culture Clinic and what it feels like to goROWE! So, the big day arrived and there was quite a buzz about the office! It was clear from the chatter […]

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