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Time, Values and Action

Time, Values and Action I’ve been thinking a lot (oh the irony) about procrastination recently and whilst focussed on its effect in work and delivering training on overcoming it, I wondered what its wider “life” impact is? Why is it even important outside of work not to procrastinate?…and the answer is the obvious one…its’ relation […]

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How do I advance my Career?

How do I advance my Career? So you want to advance your career, but where do you start? Following are my top tips to success in advancing your career in a meaningful and sustainable way: 1)    The best place to start is with a career plan. A career plan is a written strategy which helps […]

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Recruitment is a service NOT a product

Recruitment is a service NOT a product As the markets in Asia Pacific continue to grow at rates from 6 – 23.5% (in the case of SG’s 1st Quarter 2011!) the ‘war for talent’ continues at a pace (this might happen to not be timely due to the recent makets news today!). There are consequences […]

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