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Time, Values and Action

Time, Values and Action I’ve been thinking a lot (oh the irony) about procrastination recently and whilst focussed on its effect in work and delivering training on overcoming it, I wondered what its wider “life” impact is? Why is it even important outside of work not to procrastinate?…and the answer is the obvious one…its’ relation […]

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Social Media vs. Time – is Social Media a horrible distraction?

Is it just me or is Social Media like TV used to be when I was in my teens (I don’t really watch it these days!) – A black hole for time?! This is rhetorical because I will tell you, it isn’t just me. I have asked around countless friends and colleagues and everyone seems […]

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ROWE migration step 3 – eradicating Sludge

This is the 3rd part of my ROWE interview with Michael Barata – this time the topic is Sludge! For the purpose of understanding the context and its use below, the definition of ‘Sludge’ used in a ROWE is: any negative (toxic) language (garbage) in the workplace that is used to cast judgment about how […]

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