Archive | July, 2011

Take Stock of your Talent

Take Stock. It’s that time of year, most of us are either half way through or just starting a new one, but either way it’s a point at which we need to review the last 6 months against expectations and align our plans for the coming half year: How’s it gone? Where could we have […]

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Why you should never “low ball” an offer in Talent Acquisition

A recent experience highlighted this issue once again, but to such a degree that I needed to write about it this time. There are many people who have tried to justify “low balling”, particularly in the sales spaces I have worked into, where the pressure, particularly in “macho” terms is to look at the OTE/upsides. […]

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A simple experiment on human psychology and online behaviour

I have read a lot (and thought a lot) about human psychology and how it relates to online behaviour and then I decided it was time to do a very simple experiment. The basic premise behind this is little experiment offline is: The sub-conscious human mind does not recognise the word ‘not’. ‘Not’ is a construct of language, not […]

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