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Recruiting Top Talent – you reap what you sow

Everyone (even the least progressive management teams) is waking up to the reality that the competition for top talent is here to stay –even during the GFC it was seen as a competitive opportunity the most progressive leaders took advantage of. However, these were the rarer ones and unfortunately few have woken up to the […]

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Going ROWE – an answer to today’s work place Talent ‘engagement’ issues

I have a keen interest in working environments, culture and engagement within them and how we tackle the huge disconnects of modern day living and outdated work system beliefs. The solution I found and subsequently implemented at Xpand was ROWE. My next few posts will therefore take a look back at this journey of discovery […]

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Why Candidates Take up New Jobs

This is a subject of discussion that holds benefits for both sides of the hiring fence, attraction and retention. It is fundamentally important for us to have a deep understanding of what will attract people into a company as it also tells us what will retain people. Whilst obviously not exclusive to digital, as experts […]

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