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Going ROWE: The Kick Off Session

As promised as a follow on from last week, this post is the next part of my interview with Michael Barata – covering the next step of our ROWE migration – The Kick Off Session: (The name of the session is pretty self explanatory so no need for a long build up….) “The Kick Off […]

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CampaignAsia Interview

Recently CampaignAsia ran an article on Talent in the media and advertising agencies, which I was asked to contribute towards. Below is a copy of the interview I gave, an excerpt of which was used in the article. (The full online version of the article can be viewed here) Do you have any statistics on […]

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Why Candidates Take up New Jobs

This is a subject of discussion that holds benefits for both sides of the hiring fence, attraction and retention. It is fundamentally important for us to have a deep understanding of what will attract people into a company as it also tells us what will retain people. Whilst obviously not exclusive to digital, as experts […]

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