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Talent Strategy – a must for business now and for the future

Talent Strategy – a must for business now and for the future One of the things that still baffles me in today’s market is the disconnect between CEO’s listing Talent as their number one pain point and priority and the lack of directional strategy advice being fed into them. Talent is important – fact. Top […]

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How do I advance my Career?

How do I advance my Career? So you want to advance your career, but where do you start? Following are my top tips to success in advancing your career in a meaningful and sustainable way: 1)    The best place to start is with a career plan. A career plan is a written strategy which helps […]

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Social Media vs. Time – is Social Media a horrible distraction?

Is it just me or is Social Media like TV used to be when I was in my teens (I don’t really watch it these days!) – A black hole for time?! This is rhetorical because I will tell you, it isn’t just me. I have asked around countless friends and colleagues and everyone seems […]

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