Time, Values and Action

Time, Values and Action

I’ve been thinking a lot (oh the irony) about procrastination recently and whilst focussed on its effect in work and delivering training on overcoming it, I wondered what its wider “life” impact is? Why is it even important outside of work not to procrastinate?…and the answer is the obvious one…its’ relation to time.

By procrastinating at work we lose time and therefore custom and revenues etc. So that got me thinking, although not defined by such obvious and, more importantly, short term goals as with work, we are all under what is quite a finite resource out of work too – our life span. Whilst some may act differently, we are all mortal, and unfortunately have limited time on this beautiful planet of ours. Therefore, we need to use every last second like it’s that, our last second. Time spent on pointless things will never come back to you – time is not a boomerang.

How much of your time do you spend worrying about what happened in the past or what might happen in the future; doing things you don’t actually enjoy doing; spending precious time waiting for others to act; or most pointlessly, spending precious hours engaged in mind-numbing activities? Be honest….a lot!

Does this sound like you?

I think things through a LOT; I watch cr*p TV because the programme I wanted to see ended and I can’t be arsed to move; I worked 60 hours last week for no better outcomes, just “face time”; I make plans and lists and then don’t get them out again…ever! And so it goes on.

Well, one thing I can guarantee – time is running out…always. This is not a depressing fact, and I don’t want to labour the point from a negative perspective. However, it is a reality and I often think that we tend to just choose to ignore it. And then suddenly you are 90 (if you’re lucky) and reflecting on “where did it go”?! If we live to the ripe old age of 90, from birth to death we have 32,850 days on Earth. I actually think it’s a positive fact. There is no excuse for wondering what happened or being surprised – “I put things off because I didn’t know time would run out” etc. We are given a finite amount of time and if you’re lucky (like most of you reading this, and me) great freedoms and resources to enjoy it.

I’m about to leave Xpand and embark on a new venture – setting up, building and running my own Talent Acquisition, Promotion and Management Company. The ideation process brought me to this awareness about time and it became part of the argument for ‘yes’. It also provoked a lot of soul searching for me. I have read, and actioned, a lot around self development and improvement and philosophies on becoming better versions of ourselves. So for what it’s worth, to save you time, these are the things I think I always need to do to enjoy life to the full and not get to 90 surprised and full of regret:

1. Be True. To yourself, to those around you, before you and those to come after you. If you do not know, then decide what your Values are and build around them. Take responsibility for what you are and for what you want to become

2. Aspire. To be all you can be every day. If you do not like what you see don’t waste time blaming others but make the changes yourself.

3. Give. First before receiving and without expectation of anything in return. You will get back in spades in more ways than you can imagine.

4. Love. Your wife/husband/partner, family, friends, and co- workers. We certainly know the impact of bad relationships. Good ones offer us joy, contentment, and connectedness.

5. Forgive. There is no point to harbouring resentment as it kills time and energy. Everyone has a different perspective and I can guarantee you this, that yours is wrong 50% of the time
6. Energise. When we feel good physically, we feel good mentally and emotionally. When we feel bad physically, we feel bad all over. It is hard to enjoy life when your physical health is poor.

7. Be positive. One of the oldest lessons preached is to look at life half full. I promise you this exists for a reason. Life is hard enough and comes with enough natural knocks without adding to it by viewing everything with suspicion and negativity. Change your outlook and you will change your life.

8. Be. Act and then live in the moment. Talk less. Worry less. Doing often shows us there was nothing to worry about and at the least stops us having the time to worry.  Action will delineate and define you. – Thomas Jefferson

I hope these help but there are others that might mean more to you. The first step is always to define what your Values are which will lead to a life of “no regret”, fulfilment and enjoyment! Once defined, examine these areas and create actions around living to them. It takes effort to know yourself and make improvements but if its not worth it, neither is living! My advice – embrace it and enjoy!


About Rob Fanshawe

Currently MD, Asia for Xpand Group, living in Singapore with his wife and dog (golden retriever), his passion in life is simple, “people”. He loves everything to do with meeting and understanding them to helping them and businesses realise their potential through the resulting positive connections.


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